Data Destruction

$56 Billion in Losses

Each year in the United States, over 11.5 million Americans become victims of some type of identity fraud due to misplaced, lost, or stolen information resulting in more than $56 billion dollars in losses.


Appropriate Destruction

We understand the importance of data destruction and identify devices that store data. Whether it’s personal, corporate or medical information, we take the steps to ensure that the data entrusted to us is appropriately destroyed.

Susceptible Devices





Gaming systems

DVR/Cable Devices

Cell phones

Phone systems


Fax machines

Network switches

Wireless devices

Anything Networkable

Network Cards

Wireless Cards


We also shred media storage (CDs, Floppies, VHS Tapes, Backup Tapes, etc.) for $0.65/pound ($5 minimum charge).

Hard Drive Shredding

We offer a hard drive shredding service which allows you to watch your hard drive get shredded on the spot, giving you peace of mind.


If you are interested in pricing, or setting up an appointment please contact us here.


A certificate of destruction will also

be provided upon request

Data Erasure

Deleting documents and files on your computer does not erase that information from your storage device. Fragments of that information remain and can be reconstructed by individuals or even free software. At Green Earth we have a solution for this.


We use a multiple pass hard drive wiping system which passes through the entire hard drive multiple times, irreversibly wiping it. Next, we have software that double checks the hard drive and ensures it is wiped completely. The hard drives we wipe are wiped according to Department of Defense specifications.

Business Solutions

For businesses, medical centers, or anyone with large quantity of drives that need hard drive shredding, please fill out our quote request form to get more information and a quote.


We are able to comply with your specific needs and can record all hard drive serial numbers before the drives are destroyed.