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The thrills and entertainment that come from casinos and their properties can quickly be erased if their customer’s information is not protected properly. Casinos are filled with high-tech equipment and security is a top priority. When it comes to IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) and electronic waste services a trusted partner is essential.

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Green Earth provides secure ITAD and electronics recycling services to the casino and gaming industry by properly recycling all electronics and protecting their customer's data.


Our on-site hard drive and media storage shredding service is a perfect fit and also provides an audit trail to help with compliance. The can be witnessed by one of your employees and you will be provided with a Certificate of Destruction that records each hard drive and media storage device that is destroyed. Any equipment that is transported back to our facility for recycling is double checked for hard drives so your data is protected through the whole process.

If required, we can also provide IT Asset Tracking. With each of our asset tracking reports, you will get a list of equipment from each pickup including manufacturer, type of equipment, model, serial number, and asset tag number.

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