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Accepted e-Waste

The list of recyclable electronics that we accept, with a few exceptions, includes almost all electronic devices. 

We like to say: we accept anything that has a plug, cord, or battery.

Our service staff are pleased to help you unload your unwanted electronic items.

 However, a small $20 fee does apply for each television accepted. An even smaller $10 fee applies for each display monitor, dehumidifer, appliance or Freon based cooling unit. These fees are need to help us offset the costs of properly processing materials in conformity with State and Federal environmental laws and regulations.

Please note that we cannot accept any type of hazardous or medical waste, chemicals, oils, items like thermostats or smoke alarms which contain mercury, PCB based lighting ballasts, wooden electronic organs or pianos, or electronics that have been exposed to radiation. 

Please feel free to call with any questions. We're pleased to help you!

Equipment with a Handling Fee

$20 for Televisions – LCD, Plasma, Projection, and Tube
$10 for Displays – including LCD and CRT computer monitors

$10 for Freon - including refrigerators, AC units, and dehumidifiers

Computer Equipment

Computers – including desktop computers, laptops, and chromebooks
Displays – including LCD and CRT computer monitors
Computer accessories (keyboards, mice, speakers, etc.)
Networking equipment – servers, switches, routers, and more
Mobile devices – cell phones, iPads/tablets, iPods/MP3 players, and e-readers
Printers – desktop printers, floor copiers, scanners, fax machines, and copy machines
Associated wires and cords

Media Storage Devices

Hard drives and data tapes
Contact Green Earth for a quote on shredding services

Other media
Accepted for shredding at $0.65/pound (with a minimum
$5.00 charge). Please note, these items cannot be recycled.

Audio Visual Equipment

Stereo equipment – including microphones, radio receivers, audio/video receivers, amplifiers, speakers, cable boxes, and mixing consoles

DVD and VHS players


Gaming consoles


Associated wires and cords

Other Household Items

Large appliances – including refrigerators, freezers, washers, dryers, ovens, stoves, window air conditioners, and dehumidifiers

Small kitchen appliances – including microwaves, toasters, blenders, mixers, vacuum cleaners, and more

Car batteries and other lead-acid batteries

Power tools and power tool batteries


Electronic toys

Christmas lights

Unaccepted Items

Hazardous waste (paint, chemicals, oils, etc.)

Medical waste (needles, medication, hygiene waste, etc.)

Mercury-containing instruments (thermostats, smoke alarms, etc.)

Electronic organs or pianos with wood

PCB lighting ballasts

Any electronics exposed to radiation

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