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Why Should You
Recycle Electronics?

Support your community. Families, companies, and schools rely on used electronics and parts. You can help the less fortunate by allowing electronics to be reused instead of landfilled.

Protect the environment. Improperly disposed electronics can leach toxic substances into our soil and ground water. Protect everyone’s health by properly recycling your electronics.

Conserve limited resources. When you recycle rather than throw away your electronics, you help reduce the amount of natural resources that new electronics devices require.

Reduce waste. Most of the environmental cost of a device occurs when first creating the product. Prevent the wasting of resources by extending the life of
a device through refurbishment and reuse.

Clutter free zone. Storing old electronics can take up a lot of space in your business or home. Regular recycling keeps your space a clutter-free zone.

Peace of mind. Think before you toss, you may be left vulnerable to data theft. Proper, expert recycling gives you the peace of mind that you are protecting the environment and your identity.

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