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Decommissions & Relocations

You need someone you can trust when it’s time to decommission a data center, a collection of office or school workstations, or an entire building. Sometimes you just need an extra set of hands to help move your equipment to a new location.


Whatever your project, you can rely on Green Earth to ensure success from start to end.

Our Process

Planning: decommissioning is more than unplugging equipment and we start each project learning your requirements and agreeing on a plan of action.

Inventory: for projects that need accurate tracking – whether it’s being decommission or relocated – we can include our Asset Inventory Tracking service.

Data: to avoid any data breaches during the project we can use our mobile Data Destruction service at the decommission location or shred any media storage at our facility once the equipment is securely transported back to our facility.

Removal: our uniformed, professional staff will carry out all the decommission, packing, and loading of your equipment into our company owned vehicles.

Transportation: once your equipment is packed and secured in our vehicles it is ready to be relocated or transported back to our facility in Saint Joseph, MI.

Reporting: documentation and reporting are provided after the project is complete to help with corporate requirements and inventory reconciliation.

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