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Green Earth Electronics Recycling is a great fit for state, county, and city governments. Not only do we provide essential services to help with security and IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) but we are also proud to serve our local communities with community recycling events and residential drop-off locations for electronics recycling.

US government building

State and local governments have two challenges that Green Earth can help solve. There is a requirement to comply with Federal and state laws regarding responsible data security and privacy of their electronic equipment. And there is also the responsibility to protect our environment and to help increase access to electronics recycling.

Green Earth provides secure ITAD and electronics recycling services to state, county, and local governments. Data destruction is essential when you deal with sensitive customer information, and government agencies are no exception. On-site shredding guarantees that no confidential information leaves your property.

And check out our recycling eventsGreen Earth hosts multiple municipal community recycling events throughout Southwest Michigan. Hosted on weekends or during the week after our business hours, these are perfect opportunities for residents who are unable to make it to our facility during our regular business hours.


Green Earth also partners with Van Buren County and St. Joseph County to provide residential recycling drop-off locations that are open all year to increase access to electronics recycling. Contact us to ask about setting up your own drop-off location..

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