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Electronics Recycling that reduces e-waste.

Did you know that electronic waste is the fastest growing waste stream in the world? The world is projected to produce more than 57 million tons of e-waste in 2021. Not only is electronic waste growing, only 20% of it is properly recycled.

Green Earth Electronics Recycling was founded to close that gap.  We collect and properly recycle electronic waste through a continuous process that involves collecting e-waste, then working to repair, refurbish, redistribute or recycle electronic waste.  Our Electronic Recycling process is good for the environment, creates jobs and minimizes landfill disp

solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Data security prioritized from the START.

Community recycling starts AT Green Earth.

How it Works

Green Earth provides an all-in-one solution to electronics recycling.

Green Earth is about making your life easier.
You call, we pick it up.

1. Collect your electronics. Gather your equipment or technology that you no longer use. The list of recyclable electronics that we accept includes almost all electronic devices – we like to say we accept anything that has a plug, cord, or battery.

2. Request a Pickup. You want your electronics picked up in days, not weeks. Once everything is collected, request a pickup and you can expect a response within two hours.

3. Or... Drop Off. Sometimes you only have a small amount of electronics. Not a problem, we are open to the public for drop-offs. Excluding holidays, Green Earth is open Monday – Friday 8am-3pm. You’re invited anytime, no appointment necessary.

4. Pickup and Collection. Your job is done. Our uniformed employees will come to your location, pack the equipment, load it into our vehicles, and transport it back to our warehouse.

5. Data Destruction. Multiple options that work for any size project.

6. Recycling and Processing. We strive to keep all items entrusted to us out of the landfill through reuse, refurbishment, and recycling.

7. Tracking and Reporting. Any Certificates of Destruction, Certificates of Recycling, invoices, or inventory tracking will be timely delivered.

8. World Class Support. Through the whole process, you have access to our Green Earth team. No question is too small, no request too big.

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